Minneapolis based photographer, visual artist, + researcher

Minneapolis based photographer, visual artist, + researcher

Born in Canada and living with her family in Minnesota, Yasmin is a photographer who started out documenting her travels having bought her first digital camera, while working as a researcher in the field visiting Indigenous reservations along the west coast.

With a background in science, Yasmin brings her research experience along on sets to connect with her subjects and capture portraits and images. Her goal with every image is to photograph images as authentically as possible to their essence. Through each image, she embodies the role of a storyteller, while considering the lived experiences of those captured in relation to shared spaces and environments. Her work aims to show the world from the eyes of a storyteller, in the tradition of her East African oral-storytelling heritage. Yasmin’s style is informed and inspired by artists of various media who are able to elicit feelings — and she aims to recreate feelings in her imagery using the dynamic effects of light and color.

She was recently selected as part of Diversify Photo’s ‘Up Next’ list of photographers to watch, and is also a part of the Black Women Photographer’s Collective and Authority Collective. Her work has been seen as part of an exhibit at Soomaal House Gallery and featured by Adobe Create and Vogue Italia.

Select clients include: Apple, Adobe, NPR, National Geographic, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Minnesota Monthly, Belt Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

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I am a Master of Public Health (MPH) graduate from Johns Hopkins University with a background in genetics + developmental neurosciences and am passionate about discussing public health issues effectively in ways that are engaging to a broad audience. I currently work in evaluation research and public health programming. My research interests include evidence-based community level programming + evaluation, along with determining the underlying social causes behind health disparities. My freelance work includes assisting with communications and research/public health program design materials and related project/program management and evaluation initiatives.