Twin Cities Skaters

A local roller skating group keeps the community together through events, lessons and providing a space to grow as skaters. Events such as the one here use existing community-spaces as their gathering spot -- in this instance a local middle school was rented out for a skate night.


Motherhood ‘Back At It’

Outtakes from a piece on motherhood and the postpartum journey for Nike Women featuring Sapphire, a mother of twins living in Red Wing, Minnesota. The video highlights her journey getting back into wellness postpartum. See the Nike Women story on their page here and photos here.

Director: Yasmin Yassin, DP: Kellen Witschen, Photography: Yasmin Yassin, Agency: Blink LA



An ongoing personal series celebrating the women in Minnesota’s African diaspora community, and how they adorn themselves in their outward and inward attire. This project was featured on Booooooom.


Chef Gavin Kaysen & Spoon and Stable

A look inside James Beard Award winner Chef Gavin’s home and one of his restaurants -- Spoon and Stable-- for Wall Street Journal’s Luxury Real Estate Issue. Read the article here.


Ghost Kitchens & Pop-Up Restaurants

A photo project following the innovative ways that dining is being reimagined by the commmunity during the pandemic, by documenting a group of pop-up restaurants in the Twin Cities.


The Ordinary Americans Resettling Migrants Fleeing War

A story about a sponsor circle program that is now allowing US citizens to sponsor Afghan refugees to resettle in their communities. I visited a group of Afghan women who resettled in Duluth, MN and spent a day with them in their first week at their new home. Read the article here.


Studio Visit Series: cry baby clay

I am spending time with artists throughout the Twin Cities and conducting studio visits to photograph our talented local artists in their own element. An example here is of a local clay studio and community resource center, cry baby clay.


In My Own - International Women’s Day

I was invited by Apple to feature a portrait project centered on women for International Women’s Day using an iPhone camera. This photo series’ concept involved inviting local creatives to express themselves in their own way through personal styling and color choices that best express their personalities. I tried to authentically capture portraits that show the still beauty of women and the different ways they express themselves. This project was featured by Apple, Vogue Italia, and Nylon Singapore with international reach. View the Vogue Italia feature here.


Urban Heat Islands

Decades of redlining and other discriminatory practices reshaped urban landscapes in Minneapolis and elsewhere, leaving some neighborhoods and areas of the city about 10 degrees hotter than others. Read the article here.


Internet Broadband Mapping in Rural Areas

A story on how the US government is remapping broadband internet access aross rural America to allow for better access in areas that were missed during previous mapping initiatives. The story follows the mayor of Harris, MN and his efforts to provide internet access to his town. See the article here.


Black Farmers in MN

A longer-term project following Black farmers in Minnesota.


Somali Museum MN

An ongoing portrait project of the Somali Museum of Minnesota.


West Coast Travel Photography

Images from around the west coast of British Columbia while working as a field researcher.